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What We Do

Jukebox Labs is the world's first Trivia-as-a-Service company.

Imagine being able to create and run massively multiplayer quizzes, competitions and tournaments. Imagine being able to broadcast online or as part of a major live event.


Jukebox Labs enables every to company run their own trivia games - for engagement, entertainment and education - to grow their audience numbers, gain user insight and generate revenue.


With our knowledge and years of experience in trivia game development, Jukebox Labs helps brands, businesses and services engage their audiences through informative and fun digital trivia content on web and mobile. Our goal is to improve the relationship audiences have with the brands they interact with, but also generate a new form of revenue for those brands


Engaging content

at your fingertips.

The Worlds First 'Virtual Pub Quiz' Experience

In May 2017 Jukebox Labs ran the world's ever first 'Virtual Pub Quiz' with our friends at Primordial Radio, where over 70 teams paid to take part in a game broadcast live via Facebook and YouTube.

Accessible From Any Location

Since then we've run six live online quizzes with more than 400 participating teams from around the UK. This has proven our business model, generated revenue for our client and helped us improve our technology.


Meet The Team

Jukebox Labs is a small team with a background in the video games business. We cover design, development, production, marketing, PR, business development, digital strategy and content creation. We worked together for two years as part of a music media company and have already delivered several complete projects as a team.

Brian Baglow
Gillian Everitt
Searra Dodds

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Creative Officer

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